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Hello! My name is Emily.

Originally from Toronto, Canada, I have spent the better part of the last few years travelling in search of new ideas and inspiration to influence my design style. Whether through food, paint, or decor, I've always been a creative person who takes every opportunity to make things look as beautiful as they can be.  My diploma in visual and digital arts led me to many years experimenting with abstract painting ideas including exploring tap danced pieces in collaboration with my husband, MacKenzie Greenwell. After many fun years spent in hospitality and theatre, it was time for me to do what was most natural.  In 2016, I was brought on as a Design Consultant by M3D Designworks for a town revitalization project. During this contract, I worked as part of a small team to create design guidelines that we would then apply to each of the participating businesses’ exterior facades, branding and signage. This project re-sparked my immense love for design and inspired me to seek out more education to further my design career. I recently completed a diploma in interior design from the Interior Design Institute and am now looking forward to guiding you through the process of creating beautiful spaces.